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2016.11.16FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA Photo Exihibition INSIGHT

FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA写真展が本日11月16日より開催されます。



会場:清水寺境内 経堂(→オフィシャルサイト)
時間:9:00~16:00、 18:00~21:00(20:30受付終了)

清水寺の「今」をとらえ、その様々な表情を記録・発信し続けるFEEL KIYOMIZUDERAプロジェクト。今やインスタグラムでのフォロワー数は15万人を超えると言います。今回初めてとなる写真展では、「内から見た清水寺」をテーマとして、普段なかなか見ることができない清水寺の姿を見ることができそうです。


dates: Nov 16 (Wed) – Dec 4 (Sun), 2016
venue: Kyodo Hall, Otowa-san Kiyomizudera(→Getting here)
hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (last entry 8:30 pm)
*Admission free

We at Kiyomizu-dera Temple have been working on a project called “FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA,” to record the day-to-day lives of the monks and the seasonal landscapes, as well as the special Buddhist services, rituals, and events. The aim of the project is to hand down all the intangible spirits of the cultural property that appear on photos and videos to the next generation.
The temple has stood here on Mt. Otowa for a span of over 1,200 years. Nothing has seemingly changed, but in fact, all the temple buildings are breathing and continuously changing. Every morning and evening the mountains show their different appearances and the monks are entirely devoted to their faith in Kannon (a Buddhist deity and the principal deity of Kiyomizu). All that breathe in this holy place are transforming moment by moment.
This series of documentary photos captures a variety of beautiful temple moments that depict the present Kiyomizu. It is also thought-provoking enough to encourage thinking about the future of the temple.
Seize the moment, and treasure each moment.
The Kannon always enlightens us on the universal truths, especially how we humans should lead our lives. As the monks always do, simply offer prayer with gratitude and aspiration in mind. This will bring peace of mind to you as well.
We are delighted if you feel the compassion of Kannon from this diverse selection of the “scenes of prayers” in this exhibition.